Live Well – Meditation for the Holidays

By Maggie Perritt

While the holidays bring fun and festivities, they can also lead to stress and challenges. In fact, the holidays are considered a “top 10” stressful situation—among moving, changing jobs and even divorce.

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National Minority Mental Health Month: How WellCare Integrates Behavioral Health Care

As a psychiatrist practicing in the Chicago area for the past decade, I have seen firsthand the impact mental illness has on our communities, especially in minority and underserved populations.

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate and is almost equal in prevalence across racial and ethnic groups. The disparity is rooted in the fact that African-Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans and Latinos are less likely to receive diagnosis for their behavioral health issues and have less access to mental health services. Even when programs are in place, these groups may not take advantage of them due to social and cultural stigmas about mental illness. Continue reading “National Minority Mental Health Month: How WellCare Integrates Behavioral Health Care”