Partnerships at Work

By Ken Burdick

Partnership is one of our longstanding values and a vital part of WellCare’s business. And when we think about the future of healthcare, partnerships span a broad spectrum, from joining forces with government partners to collaborating with members to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

As an industry, we know that one of our most important partnerships is with primary care physicians. We forge these relationships through value-based agreements that reward for quality care rather than the number of procedures completed. Continue reading “Partnerships at Work”

My Perspective: A WellCare of Florida Field-Based Care Manager

As a field-based care manager for WellCare of Florida, my goal each day is to help our members live better, healthier lives. I bring the health care system directly to the homes of our sickest and most vulnerable members.

At first many are surprised that a health plan would make house calls, but they appreciate the personalized service. Continue reading “My Perspective: A WellCare of Florida Field-Based Care Manager”