Conversations on Understanding: Driving Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

By Ken Burdick

Today, on this national Day of Understanding, WellCare continued its journey toward creating an environment where all ideas are welcome and our associates feel confident and empowered to bring their “full selves” to work each day. In partnership with CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, I’m proud to join 150 other companies across the country in hosting the nation’s largest conversation to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

The urgency and push for diversity and inclusion reflects the demographic shifts in today’s workforce. With even more diverse populations entering the workforce, organizations are being challenged to find new ways to create more dynamic workplaces to foster engagement, drive innovation and enhance performance.

And research shows it pays off. When companies commit themselves to diversity, they are better able to attract top talent, improve employee satisfaction, drive decision-making and better serve customers.

How WellCare Is Supporting Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

In 2017, WellCare pledged to do more to support our associates and create a more open and diverse workplace. Experts tell us we all have unconscious bias—it’s human nature—so in response, we have launched educational workshops to help our associates recognize, acknowledge and deconstruct blind spots. Throughout the year, we’ve also created Associate Resource Groups and encouraged associate learning to inspire bold action and candid conversations.

As we look to 2019, diversity and inclusion continues to be a top priority for WellCare. And while we are proud of our diverse workforce, executive leadership team and board of directors, we can’t slow down. D&I will continue to be an important priority in the years ahead.

Let’s continue the conversations not only today—but every day.

How can we continue to foster a more open and accepting work environment, while advancing candid conversation in the workplace? We’d love to hear from you and continue the dialogue.

Brighten, eyes, teeth

Kenneth A. Burdick is the CEO of WellCare Health Plans

2 thoughts on “Conversations on Understanding: Driving Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  1. I appreciate working for a company that not only has current vision but is forward thinking as well. It is encouraging that our leaders regard our lives and interests outside of work hours. The work we produce is an extension of ourselves as a whole, so to have our whole selves and not just the employee portion matter to the employer, the end result is positive on many levels.


  2. First, this (driving diversity) is just another of many reasons why I feel good about working for this company. A lot of times, people don’t understand just how big the disparity is in a companies demographic make up and that of the surrounding community. So I would suggest maybe making those types of comparisons visible. Easy thing to make graphical so people can appreciate the scale. It would be really bold to show that analysis at different levels within the organization. Minorities are often under represented in Leadership roles. I’m happy to help put that together, if need be. Thanks again for attending to matters that go well beyond making our company better. This gets to the heart of so many ills in our society.


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