A Thanks to Our Interns on National Intern Day

WellCare’s 47 summer interns are nearly finished with their 12-week program, and we can think of no better day than July 26 – National Intern Day – to recognize their talents, hard work and efforts to support WellCare’s mission of helping our members live better, healthier lives.

With guidance from their people leaders and the Internship Advisory Board, WellCare interns are working across various lines of business, while learning about our corporate culture and mission to serve. Group activities have included a volunteering event with Feeding Tampa Bay, the largest food rescue and distribution organization in the Tampa Bay community, and speed-dating style meetings with members of WellCare’s executive leadership team. The interactive session allowed leaders to share an overview of their area, their educational background, career story and answer questions.

But what is the day-to-day experience like for our interns? For the answers, we asked three interns who shared their summer experiences so far.

DaltonDalton Bisher
Dalton Bisher, a graduate of the University of South Florida, is working for the second summer as a health services intern with the WellCare of New York team. This fall he will start nursing school at Holy Family University in Philadelphia.

“Being able to intern at WellCare has been a dream come true. While attending the University of South Florida, I learned about the Days of Service volunteering program WellCare held in the community. I knew this was a company that truly cares about their members, and I really wanted to join the team.

Dalton also values the variety of projects he is able to work on during the summer. “I have been lucky enough to work on projects in different areas including behavioral Health, quality improvement, case management, and enrollment. Since the healthcare field is so complex it is important to understand how all of the moving parts work together.” He also encourages future interns to use the experience to learn. “Ask as many questions as you can, and pick the brain of your supervisors as much as possible.”

MadelineMadeline Taggert
Madeline Taggert is also a second-year intern, working with WellCare of New Jersey in the regulatory affairs department. She graduated from Rutgers University in the spring of 2018 with a degree in public health. “I always wanted to work for a company that I believed carried out meaningful work and helped better the lives of people, which is what WellCare does.”

“There are so many different opportunities and options at WellCare, which I think appeals to a lot of young people. I have been able to attend meetings and workshops to get a hands-on-learning experience. I appreciate the ‘open door’ feeling and how I am able to speak with our plan president, John Kirchner. The transparency and dynamics of the company makes it easier to ask questions and complete projects,” says Madeline.

IvonneIvonne Rodriguez
Ivonne Rodriguez attends the University of South Florida. She will graduate next year with a Master in Business Administration. This summer Ivonne is working in the finance/treasury department in Tampa. “The healthcare industry is where my true passion lies, but I believe the quality and efficiency of the system needs to be improved, and I want to be part of that process. I knew WellCare would provide me with the best opportunity to develop my skills and impact healthcare processes in a meaningful way,” says Ivonne.

On the opportunity to work with WellCare, she adds, “I recognize how important it is to find innovative solutions to optimize the quality and effectiveness of our healthcare system. I am grateful that WellCare has given me the opportunity to bring my problem-solving and communications skills to our team.”

By the Numbers: What Other WellCare Interns Are Saying

As WellCare’s internship program continues to evolve, there’s an increased focus on ensuring participants get as much out of their time with WellCare as possible. See the infographic below for results of a mid-internship check-in survey that was administered to understand their experiences so far.


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