Helping Arizonans Access Social and Human Services in Maricopa County

By Scott Cummings

At Care1st Health Plan Arizona, we value giving back to the communities we serve. When we saw a growing need for human services in the underserved Southwest Valley of Maricopa County, we seized the opportunity to find a solution that would benefit not only our members in the area, but the community as a whole.

During the Great Recession, the City of Avondale was hit particularly hard. Approximately 20 percent of homes went into foreclosure and a fragmented human services infrastructure could not fully support its growing number of residents in need.

In 2009, we launched the Care1st Avondale Resource Center in historic Avondale, Arizona through an innovative public-private partnership with Care1st Health Plan Arizona, the City of Avondale and First Things First. Our goal was to develop a facility that served as a safe environment for families and children to connect to needed resources. The center is a one-stop hub of social and human services including healthcare enrollment, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), parenting classes, financial literacy workshops, job assistance and more.

Play Area Photo 1
Children play in the developmentally-friendly play area at the Care1st Avondale Resource Center.

The premise of the center is to provide quality, holistic services and resources to promote positive health outcomes, greater self-sufficiency and lower costs to the healthcare system. Currently, there are 69 community-based organizations delivering services out of the center and, on average, 4,700 people walk through our doors every month.

Garden Photo 2.jpg
The Care1st Avondale Resource Center’s garden featuring a colorful butterfly sculpture.

The Care1st Avondale Resource Center would not be where it is today without the extraordinary commitment of our core partners. Care1st Health Plan Arizona provides annual operational costs and staff to support the center’s day-to-day needs. The City of Avondale maintains the facility and manages operations and staff. First Things First offers grants to support early childhood education to prepare children from birth to five years old for success in school.

A certified tax preparer helps participants file tax returns as part of the Volunteer Income Assistance Program (VITA) at the Care1st Avondale Resource Center.

In 2014, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) recognized the center with the “Desert Peaks Award” for providing outstanding services to the community. Similarly, WESTMARC honored the center with the “Best of the West Award” in 2010 for improving the quality of life of residents in the West Valley.

We’re proud to be part of a family-center facility that will continue to shape a better tomorrow for years to come.

Scott_Cummings Headshot_Blue BackgroundScott Cummings is the state president of Care1st Health Plan Arizona

One thought on “Helping Arizonans Access Social and Human Services in Maricopa County

  1. Wow, I salute you guys for your good heart. Thank you for always having a helping hand to the community of Maricopa. I hope there are a lot of you that have a heart in extending their hands to the needy not just in the town of Maricopa but all around the world.


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