Engaged Employees Mean Quality Outcomes for Kentucky

By Bill Jones

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. That’s true of people, and it’s also true of companies.

Over the past few months, WellCare has received two important honors. In Kentucky, we were named one of the 100 Best Places to Work. Nationally, we are among the top five on the Forbes List of Most Admired Companies in the Insurance and Managed Care Category – a measure of national reputation.

We believe this is because our associates are more than just employees – they’re part of a something bigger. A team… a community… champions for a cause that matters.

Kentucky Market (2)

In a rapidly changing industry like healthcare, that spirit is necessary to quickly adjust and adapt to a shifting healthcare landscape.

This year, in Kentucky, our dedicated team of associates will be especially important during the implementation of Kentucky HEALTH – Governor Matt Bevin’s comprehensive plan to transform the Commonwealth’s Medicaid program.

As Kentucky’s largest Medicaid managed care provider, we know this change – like all changes – will provide opportunities and challenges.

We have been closely partnering with the Cabinet and the Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) for over a year to prepare for these changes, and to make them as simple as possible for members, providers and the community at large.

Our determination to help people live better, healthier lives will soon more actively include efforts to connect them with job training or volunteer opportunities they will need under Kentucky HEALTH.

From revamping our website so people can easily check whether they’re meeting the requirements of Kentucky HEALTH to enhancing the training of the people taking questions by phone, we are working to ensure a seamless experience for our members.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve worked with people in every part of the company. In every case, everyone in the room has been committed to improving health outcomes for our members as we navigate these changes.

That’s how good reputations are built. That’s how companies come to be admired. That’s how a company becomes a great place to work. It all starts with the men and women who are committing their careers to the health of their friends and neighbors.

Jones_WilliamBill Jones is WellCare of Kentucky’s state president

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