Making Our Planet a Priority

By Rhonda Mims

At WellCare, we believe what we stand for is equally as important as what we do and how we do it. And, an essential part of our mission-driven culture includes a commitment to our planet.

As the world celebrated Earth Day this past Sunday, I thought of WellCare’s commitment in which our more than 9,000 associates have the opportunity to participate in community-wide initiatives. We offer volunteer time off to support their efforts because being a reputable corporate citizen is critical at all levels of our company.

In fact, this April, we’re participating in National Volunteer Month, and thousands of our associates are participating in volunteer events across the country that impact our planet, from beach clean ups in Florida and Hawaii to park restorations in Illinois and Texas.

Earth Day Collage
WellCare partnered with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful to clean up Copeland Park in Tampa, Fla.

In addition to our community service, we also pursue tangible environmental initiatives such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications. I’m proud that we are LEED-certified in many of our workplaces, including our Tampa headquarters, which comprises five buildings and more than 380,000 square-feet in Tampa, Fla. Our workplace environmental focus also includes other actionable initiatives such as recycling, which aligns with our local and national priorities.

Earth Day may be a designated holiday in April, but at WellCare, we’re looking to make it a priority every day and will continue to implement new and innovative solutions across our markets.

How are you making our planet a priority? Maybe you are carpooling, using a reusable cup at work or powering down your computer every evening. Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

Mims_RhondaRhonda Mims is WellCare’s senior vice president and chief public affairs officer. 

3 thoughts on “Making Our Planet a Priority

  1. I hope Wellcare will consider installing inexpensive low power charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV’s). Although I would not need to use them, since I live so close to Wellcare, it would allow many of our associates with longer commutes to access inexpensive Electric Vehicles to greatly reduce their commuting expenses and of course improve the environment by using a zero emissions vehicle. The cost of a commute using electricity is about 25% the cost of using gasoline or diesel for the same trip, but if the associate has no place to charge at work, they may not be able to afford the expensive long range EV’s needed to do a round trip back to their house.

    Low cost stations cost as little at $500 a station and use only a dollar or two worth of electricity per day. There are also significant tax incentives that might help defray some of the cost.


  2. That would be a wonderful associate perk! I am in the California market. I am one of two associates who invested in a Toyota Prius Prime plug-in also for environmental reasons. If we could charge our vehicles at work, we could make that much more of an environmental impact.


  3. In the Tampa Office, the AAA location next door to the Wellcare HQ just installed 4 Medium speed (Level 2) chargers that are free of charge for the first 2 hours (about $2 of electricity).


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