Introducing WellCare’s 2017 Annual Review

Each year, WellCare releases its Annual Review, a compilation of company updates and activities from the previous year. Our 2017 theme is “This is WellCare,” which embodies who we are and why we do what we do for our members, providers, government partners, communities and associates.

WellCare’s journey began in 1985. While our company has grown, our mission remains the same: to help our members live better, healthier lives. Much of this growth is due to the tireless dedication of our nearly 9,000 associates who put our values – Partnership, Integrity, Accountability and One Team – into action every day. We’ve built a culture that cares about results and how those results are achieved.

Three years ago, we implemented a multi-year plan to invest in our people, processes and technology. This plan, alongside our unrelenting drive towards excellence, made 2017 the strongest year in WellCare’s history.

But nothing illuminates our commitment more clearly than the voices of our members. This Geraldineyear’s review introduces Geraldine Lewis, a 92-year-old Medicare Advantage member in Florida. Geraldine prides herself on keeping her lifelong habits of exercising and eating healthy; however, she recently suffered a health crisis and turned to WellCare for support. Her story is a powerful one. Watch it here.

The national discussion on healthcare is at a critical point, with an urgency for all stakeholders to lower costs while improving quality of care. WellCare believes one doesn’t have to be traded for the other, and we are proud to be a leader that is committed to making a difference.

Check out WellCare’s 2017 Annual Review here.


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