Navigating What’s Next for Healthcare

By Ken Burdick

Last week, I was honored to attend America’s Health Insurance Plan’s (AHIP) National Health Policy Conference to join my colleagues for a discussion on “Navigating What’s Next for Healthcare.”

While the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, I predict we’ll see several key challenges and opportunities, not only for the health insurance industry, but in how we deliver care and service to our members.

Today, some of our greatest challenges include affordability, access to care, fragmentation of care, variation of practice and process, misplaced incentives and consumer engagement.

But with those challenges, I also see opportunities. Advances in technology and data and analytics will enable healthcare to run more efficiently, will help us move toward a more coordinated system and offer administrative simplicity.

So how can health plans address these issues while providing value to our members?

In my opinion, there are three areas we must address.

First, as an industry, we must provide more integrated, holistic coordinated care. Our current system is fragmented. We can’t continue to treat behavioral health, physical health and substance abuse separately.

Second, we need to move from a system of volume to one of value that rewards healthcare stakeholders for providing high-quality care.

Third, we can’t substitute “high-tech” for “high-touch.” As a health plan serving more than 4.4 million Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan members across the country, our most significant opportunity exists in making a human connection with our members to help them live better, healthier lives.

To learn more, visit AHIP’s blog here.

Burdick_Ken.jpgKen Burdick is the CEO of WellCare Health Plans.





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